Reporting with Storify

I used Storify for the first time this week, and have to say, I quite enjoyed the experience. Storify allowed me to report an event by incorporating every type of social media imaginable; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, and more. I think that bringing together all these sources using Storify really improves the quality of a story I’m trying to present. It certainly expands the possibility of media I can throw into a story, making it more interesting and attention-grabbing for news consumers.

I was certainly not a connoisseur of digital tools prior to taking this course, however, I now have a significant number of sources at my disposal. I believe that considering the direction that the news industry is headed in, learning to use tools such as Storify, is essential. I found Storify, in particular, to be useful and would not hesitate to use it again. Overall, it is a simple, fun, and effective tool.

I chose to do an entertainment story using Storify. Releasing her seventh studio album in seven years on November 19, Rihanna is one of today’s biggest female music artists. I decided to cover a worldwide tour she did over the past week to promote the release of “Unapologetic.” Different from any other, this tour –the ‘777’ tour – consisted of seven shows over the course of seven days in seven countries. Also, 150 journalists were invited to fly with Rihanna for the length of her tour in a private Boeing 777.

As an aspiring journalist myself, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. I was surprised however, to learn that while many of the journalists onboard were excited at first, the trip did not turn out to be as fabulous as expected. Many complained that after the first day, they were barely able to catch a glimpse of Rihanna aside from onstage, let alone able to come up with a newsworthy story to report back with.

The tour was meant to promote the new album, which hasn’t received the greatest reviews up to date. Hoping to gain good publicity, the 150 journalists were invited to join the superstar for her trip around the world, however by the final bow in New York City, some were left unsatisfied with the experience. Check out my coverage of Rihanna’s 777 tour on Storify.


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